Forrest Fringe Cattery

Ragdoll x Himalayans

Forrest Fringe Kings 

King Forrest

Forrest is our first  "King" of the Cattery. He is a Flame Point Ragdoll Himalayan Cross. He was an early Christmas Gift for my son Donovan in November 2014. He has been a very special "Gift" ever since... Forrest loves attention along with his special walks outside every day to roll in the grass...

King Cudd​les

Cuddles is our newest King born in January 2020.  He is a purebred Himalayan.  He is very cuddly hence his name "Cuddles".  Cuddles can be very shy around people he doesn't know but warms up to them with time. Cuddles had his first litter with Jazi in April 2021.